How men with small penises can have a “sex” life

 There are many differences in human penises like height, fat and thinness, and the size of facial features. They are of different lengths and thicknesses. Domestic Shi Chengli once measured the penis size of 1412 healthy young men in China and the erect penis length of 126 healthy men. The results show that the longest is 14.5 cm, the shortest […]

Men also have “sperm period” troubles

Why is there nocturnal emission? Adolescent males develop rapidly physically and psychologically, especially the sexual reproductive system changes greatly, and the size of the testicles increases… Spermatorrhea is an important sign of male sexual maturity, which is manifested as uncontrolled sudden onset in sleep Ejaculation usually occurs at night or during lunch break. The frequency of ejaculation varies from person […]

Partial eclipse makes it difficult for a man to become a “dad” career

First, some foods can affect sperm production. Such as celery, kale, water chestnut, cottonseed oil (oil food), etc., long-term consumption may lead to a decline in sperm quantity and quality. Second, seafood is a good thing, but not too much. Nowadays, environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, and the mercury content in seafood is also […]

Male infertility caused by sitting in a soft chair for a long time

Due to the characteristics of the anatomical structure, as well as various factors such as male physiological development, the blood vessels of the spermatic vein are easy to stagnate and expand, forming an earthworm-like vein group, which is called varicocele. When the spermatic veins are varicocele, the harmful substances produced by the testicular metabolism cannot be discharged […]

Men are infertile, please check your living habits

1. Insecticides DDT, dieldrin, 666, pine oil; organophosphorus pesticides parathion (1605), dichlorvos; fungicides, acaricides, nitroso food additives ; Metal elements such as copper, cadmium, lead, mercury. The effect of these toxic substances on reproductive capacity is absolutely fatal. 2. Too frequent or inappropriate sexual life Although the testes can produce tens of millions to 100 million sperm every […]

Selenium deficiency male infertility executioner

Selenium is a component of a series of enzymes that   affect sperm production and metabolism, and selenium deficiency can lead to insufficient sperm production. Studies have confirmed that selenium is a metabolic element against certain sperm toxicity, which can prevent harmful substances from injuring the reproductive system and maintain the normal shape of sperm cells. Selenium deficiency can […]

10 bad habits to avoid if you want to be a dad

1. Picky eaters: Sperm production and development are inseparable from nutrition, such as arginine supplying sperm nitrogen, vitamin B12 and vitamin C can promote sperm production and protect sperm from harmful factors. The types of food should be expanded to avoid single food and unbalanced nutrition. 2. Long-term medication: Antihypertensive drugs, diuretics, antibacterial drugs, and drugs for […]