Does drinking coffee cause impotence?

One study found that men who drank one or two cups of coffee a day reduced their likelihood of developing ED. (erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction).

Coffee causes impotence ? Coffee against impotence?

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According to the NHS (UK National Health Service), a cup of instant coffee contains 100mg of caffeine, while a cup of filter coffee contains 140mg of caffeine. A cup of tea and a can of Coke contain 70mg and 40mg of caffeine, respectively. The study found that compared with men who did not drink coffee, men who consumed 85 mg to 170 mg of caffeine per day had a 42% reduction in the incidence of ED.

Overweight, obesity and high blood pressure are currently known risk factors for ED, and if patients can drink one or two cups of coffee a day, it will help control these diseases . Conversely, drinking coffee does not help diabetes.

Scientists from the University of Texas in the United States point out that caffeine has a series of effects that can relax the arteries of the penis, thereby increasing its blood flow. They conducted 24-hour food records of 4,000 men, assessing their daily consumption of coffee, tea, sparkling drinks and sports drinks. Dr. David Lopez, who led the study, said: “We found that obesity, overweight and high blood pressure were not strongly associated with ED, but not diabetes. Not surprisingly, diabetes was the highest risk factor for ED.”

However, men should not drink too much coffee, preferably 2 to 3 cups a day. In principle, no more than 3 cups a day is better no matter what kind of stimulating beverage. It is best to drink coffee after breakfast, because drinking it on an empty stomach may cause irritation to the stomach and is not good for health .

At the same time, men should also drink less three-in-one coffee, because considering the cost, a cup of coffee of 5 yuan or 10 yuan usually does not use better quality coffee beans. As for the three-in-one coffee, most of them are made with coffee essence or coffee flavoring powder, and it is impossible to use good coffee beans, and the added sugar and creamer are high in calories.

When drinking coffee, don’t swallow dates, but put your nose close to smell the aroma first. If there is a stinking smell, it means the coffee beans are not fresh. After passing the smell test, take a sip of coffee in your mouth, taste it with your tongue, and slowly swallow it down your throat. It is a good cup of coffee if it tastes clean and bright, has a full and pleasant aroma, and has no adverse reactions to the body.

 Statement by domestic experts and physicians

Foreign media reported that men who consume a certain amount of caffeine every day may reduce impotence, but domestic urologists said that there is no direct evidence to make a connection, and they have reservations about the research results.

Doctors said that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of impotence even in overweight and hypertensive patients, which is puzzling; the study may be an analysis of a large database, and there is no experimental design to support it.