There are skills in the treatment of infertile men

To improve the treatment effect of male infertility There are many causes of male infertility, and the cause must be identified first. Only when the cause is determined can effective and symptomatic treatment be performed. Some can be cured, some cannot be treated at all; some can be cured in a short time, while others need a longer time; treat.

  After checking, the key is to pay attention to continuous treatment. When the correct treatment plan is determined, the treatment may not be effective immediately. Some treatments may, for example, use testosterone, clomiphene, etc., and the sperm count may decrease even more, which is often a normal phenomenon. In the process of taking our Zhujingbao Capsules, although there is no sperm reduction process, due to the differences in examinations, the treatment effect cannot be judged from one examination, and it often takes a period of time. We know that it often takes about 75 days for sperm to grow from spermatocytes to mature sperm, so it is impossible to see the curative effect immediately. When taking it, you must pay attention to sticking to a full course of treatment.

  In fact, the speed of Chinese medicine treatment of male infertility is not slow. Many people think that the treatment effect of traditional Chinese medicine is slow, which is a misunderstanding. Traditional Chinese medicine has obvious advantages in treating low sperm motility, decreased sperm count, and decreased sperm motility.

  We know that there is currently no very effective western medicine for the above-mentioned situation, and there is no immediate curative effect. On the contrary, our drugs such as Zhujingbao Capsules have very reliable effects, and as long as they meet the indications for use, most of them can achieve the expected effect.

  For some taboos, you must follow the doctor’s orders and strictly follow the doctor’s orders. For example, smoking, drinking and other bad living habits, such as staying up late and taking hot baths, must be corrected so as not to affect the therapeutic effect.