Men are infertile, please check your living habits

1. Insecticides

DDT, dieldrin, 666, pine oil; organophosphorus pesticides parathion (1605), dichlorvos; fungicides, acaricides, nitroso food additives ; Metal elements such as copper, cadmium, lead, mercury. The effect of these toxic substances on reproductive capacity is absolutely fatal.

2. Too frequent or inappropriate sexual life

Although the testes can produce tens of millions to 100 million sperm every day , after an ejaculation , it takes 5 to 7 days for the sperm to mature and reach a sufficient number. If you have too many or unrestrained sex lives, the amount of sperm ejaculated each time is small, and it is naturally difficult to conceive.

In addition, the interruption of sexual life, masturbation or too long duration of each sexual life will lead to aseptic prostatitis , which will directly affect the nutritional content of semen and sperm motility, and will cause male infertility.

3. Unclean sex life

Reproductive tract infection first affects the production and transportation of sperm, resulting in oligospermia, resulting in a decline in male reproductive capacity. Second, it can cause changes in the liquefaction time of semen. The liquefaction of semen is mainly accomplished by destroying the coagulation factors produced by the seminal vesicles through proteolytic enzymes, fibrinolytic enzymes and other semen liquefaction factors produced by the prostate.

The reproductive tract infection leads to the dysfunction of prostate secretion, which causes the lack of liquefaction factors in semen, resulting in non-liquefaction of semen, which is the direct cause of infertility.

Reproductive tract infection can also affect the accessory gonads, and can also cause insufficient semen secretion, resulting in nutritional deficiencies in semen, changes in pH, changes in seminal plasma components, and severe decline in sperm motility, resulting in male infertility.