What are the factors that can aggravate prostate pain?

What factors can aggravate prostate pain? Let’s take a look at it in detail.

  1. Long-term habitual constipation : Due to the characteristics of the anatomical position, the posterior lobe of the prostate is close to the rectum. If constipation occurs, feces will push the prostate forward in the rectum, causing local blood circulation disorders. In addition, constipation will produce some toxins. If it enters the blood, it will cause systemic dysfunction and reduce the immune level of the body.

  2. Eating irritating foods such as peppers: eating peppers can stimulate the digestive tract, congest the urinary tract, and easily cause constipation . These are very unfavorable to the local metabolism of the prostate and can induce inflammation.

  3. Alcoholism: Commonly known as “drinking too much alcohol”. The proper term in medicine is “alcohol dependence”. Such people are very close to and love wine. Drinking alcohol can congest capillaries throughout the body, causing mild edema , and the prostate is no exception, and the prostate is surrounded by muscle fiber connective tissue.

  4. Long-term sedentary: Some are occupational reasons, such as long-distance drivers, and some are habits, such as sitting and playing mahjong for 4-5 hours. On the one hand, the abdominal pressure increases the pressure on the prostate. When the prostatic body is in the horizontal position, its urethral prostatic part and the prostatic duct opening to it are on the same plane, so if there are bacteria in the urine, it is easy to retrograde into the duct and cause inflammation.