How To Solve Masturbation And Premature Ejaculation

Men generally masturbate without a fixed sexual partner. Masturbation is a very common physiological behavior. Most people have masturbated more or less, but a small number of people will masturbate excessively, which will cause serious pressure on the reproductive organs , And then produce premature ejaculation , impotence and other symptoms. So, what to do if excessive masturbation causes premature ejaculation?

  quit excessive masturbation

To treat premature ejaculation caused by masturbation, the premise is to quit masturbation first, and then conduct detailed examinations on patients with premature ejaculation caused by frequent masturbation to determine whether excessive masturbation is causing psychological premature ejaculation or organic premature ejaculation, and then comprehensively treat symptoms according to different causes . It can relieve the psychological problems and physical diseases of premature ejaculation patients caused by excessive masturbation . In addition, the misunderstanding of premature ejaculation should also be avoided.

  Staying away from premature ejaculation is king

For normal men, premature ejaculation is like a plague god, the farther away the better, then, are there any good ways to avoid the occurrence of premature ejaculation? The following are the preventive measures recommended by experts for patients’ reference.

1. Actively participate in physical exercise , especially qigong practice, which can mainly improve physical and psychological quality and enhance the ability to control thoughts.

2. Adjust your emotions and eliminate the tension, low self-esteem and fear caused by worrying that the woman will become pregnant, or worrying about your own sexual organs being too small or not having enough sexual ability. Be relaxed when you are married.

3. Don’t indulge in lust, don’t have intercourse after fatigue, and don’t force coitus. Do a good job in daily conditioning to prevent premature ejaculation diseases.

4. If the man suffers from premature ejaculation, the woman should be considerate and don’t say some stimulating words to increase the man’s psychological pressure. This is also very important for how to avoid premature ejaculation.