The Most Effective Ways To Enlarge Penis For Men

According to a survey, the average penis length of Chinese men after erection is 13.4 centimeters, far exceeding the needs of satisfying women’s sexual needs. But which man does not like his penis enlargement? The following editor will introduce to you some of the most effective ways to enlarge the penis, so that men can achieve effective penis enlargement.

  Generally speaking, as long as it exceeds 5 cm at ordinary times, it is normal to exceed 8 cm after erection. Because the female vagina has a strong stretching ability, the vaginal nerve endings are concentrated in the outer 1/3 section, while the inner 2/3 of the vagina lacks nerve endings, that is, only a range of about 5 cm near the vaginal opening can receive stimulation. In other words, as long as the penis can reach this place, it is enough to cause stimulation to the vagina.

  Penis size is nothing more than the length of an organ in a man, not a measure of manliness, sexual performance or pleasing a sexual partner. Although many men think that the size of the penis is very important to being a good lover, in fact, it is the clitoris rather than the vagina that affects women’s excitement and orgasm, and stroking with hands will stimulate the clitoris more easily than rubbing with the penis, so it can It is said that hands are more important than “second child”.

  How Men Can Enlarge Penis

  1. Bucks

  1. Rub your palms against each other vigorously, bring your physical energy to your hands to generate heat, and warm up your palms.

  2. Cover the testicles with the palm of your right hand (it is best to do this exercise naked), do not squeeze hard, just use a slight force to feel the heat of the palm.

  3. Put your left hand on the lower dantian area, which is an inch below the navel.

  4. Gently press with the left hand to warm the Dantian area, and then rub it clockwise or counterclockwise for ninety-nine eighty-one times.

  5. Put your palms together and rub them hard again.

  6. Exchange the positions of both hands, cover the testicles with the left hand, and place the right hand on the lower pubic region, and repeat the circular massage for ninety-nine eighty-one times, the direction is opposite to the last time. Concentrate on the movement you are doing and feel the heat build up.

  2. Quantity

  1. Tighten the anal muscles and lift them up and inward. If done correctly, you will feel air being sucked into the rectum or the entire anus being lifted inwards and upwards. Tighten and lift as much as you can, and hold on for as long as possible unless you feel uncomfortable.

  2. Pause and relax for a while.

  3. Repeat the levator ani movement as many times as possible if there is no discomfort. When doing the second exercise, you should focus on feeling the tingling sensation (similar to an electric shock) rising along the seven glands.

  This feeling formed naturally and lasted for about a few tenths of a second. Don’t use thoughts to force it to form. Some “gongfa” advocate that ideas should be used to promote or guide the flow of energy. This kind of claim actually misunderstands the nature of energy.

  3. Massage

  In the spare time of bathing, gently massage the penis with your hands. After it becomes congested and erect, try to keep it as firm and erect as possible without any stimulation. The trick is to contract the anus (levator anus) hard to make the penis congested for a little longer or It is to continue to jump up and down or turn left and right when you are erected. If you persevere, you will find that the penis becomes thicker over time.