Top 10 golden rules for sex for men and women

Different environments, physiological conditions or mental states will also change. With age, physical weakness, menstrual cycle, mental stress, heavy work, etc., it is possible to affect the time of sexual life.

  1. The frequency of sexual intercourse is preferably 2-3 per week

  For young people with relatively ideal physical fitness, it is advisable to have sexual intercourse 2-3 times a week, and 1-2 times for middle-aged people. As both parties grow older, the number of sexual intercourses can be gradually reduced. The frequency of sexual intercourse can be based on the principle of whether both parties feel tired after sexual life. If the spirit is low after sexual intercourse and fatigue is weak, the frequency of sexual intercourse should be appropriately reduced. If the strength of sexual requirements between husband and wife is different, they should jointly and properly control the frequency of sexual life in order to achieve the goal of harmonious sexual life.

  2. The best time to have sex is before going to bed

  The best time for sexual intercourse is before falling asleep at night, and you can sleep and rest after sexual intercourse to restore your physical strength. The best sexual intercourse time should be the moment when both parties have sexual requirements. If you are very busy at work during the day and feel tired when you come home, it is best to take a rest at night, and it is more appropriate to have sexual intercourse until the middle of the night when the spirit and physical strength of both parties are restored. Of course, we are not limited to having intercourse before falling asleep. Couples can also linger with each other at any time when their desires burst out, but it is better to have intercourse before falling asleep.

  3. The principle of 2:3:2 during sexual intercourse

  ”Longer, longer” in sex life is the good wish of most men . Complete sex includes three parts: foreplay, substantive life, and afterplay. Generally speaking, the sex time varies from person to person and from time to time, and it is generally believed that 20-30 minutes is sufficient. From the perspective of time allocation, the principle of 2:3:2 can be followed. Taking 20 minutes as an example, foreplay should take about 6 minutes, substantive intercourse should take about 8 minutes, and afterplay should take about 6 minutes.

  4. A BETTER WAY TO Blowjob

  If possible, oral sex between two people can be carried out on the stairs, the woman sits on the stairs with a pillow, and the male partner sits on the next step between the woman’s thighs, which not only makes the man’s neck and head better Activities will also enable the woman to have a better vision and more convenient lip stimulation from her sexual partner’s genitals.

  5. More morning sex

  When you don’t want to see and smell your drunk partner at night, it is recommended that you lie on the right side of your partner in the morning, lift your right leg, and put his right leg under your right leg and on your left leg , making sure his right thigh is between yours. Insert his penis into your vagina and adjust your upper body so that you can kiss him comfortably.

  6. A better location

  Everyone knows about the clitoris, but you may not know that the cervix nerve endings . Half of us know that repeatedly rubbing the tip of our penis against our cervix can lead to an orgasm, according to a new study. Lying on your back and trying to lift your legs as much as possible can shorten the vaginal duct and make it easier for the penis to reach the cervix.

  7. Better sexual stimulation smell

  Sexual desire is most closely linked to the sense of smell, and to get the most out of your sexual sensibility, experience each other’s sensations, remembering each other’s best smells and when you first felt it. After intercourse, feel it again, smell the sheets after sex, and ask for his attention. From your strife to mend the wound, from your memory to call forth the scent of his libido.

  8. More intimacy

  To get your unbelievable orgasms, you need more cooperation from your sex partner; you both need to feel trusted and locked in. To build this wonderful feeling, you can sit naked with your back against a wall and have your partner’s head rest on your lap, tender enough to wrap your arms around him. Feel each other’s warmth, breath and heartbeat, then change each other’s positions and repeat the above actions.

  9. A Better Sex Device

  Regular pillows are the most overlooked sex toys, and using a pillow or two can spice up your sex life tonight.

  10. Better Kiss

  The lips are very sensitive, in fact only the clitoris has more nerves and higher sensitivity than the lips. Experts suggest changing your performance with the technique of kissing more and more.

  Lips touching: You and your partner slide your lips against each other like you’re trying to catch a pudding falling from a spoon.

  Tongue movement: The tissue under the tongue is very sensitive, just like the bump under the upper lip.

  Sucking: Suck the other person’s tongue to stimulate the salivary glands below, but the other person produces sweet saliva.

  Blowing: Inhaling and sucking out your partner’s wet lips is especially arousing.