Premature exposure to sex may cause impotence in men

Young people who have sex prematurely may suffer from impotence and premature ejaculation . Although many people are adults, many people think they are young and are very indulgent about sex. Therefore, it is inevitable that some frequent sex life will be caused by good feelings. Although it is common for young people to have excessive sex, experts suggest that young people who are blindly indulging in sex beware of impotence and premature ejaculation.

 Young people who have sex too early may be impotent

  A survey on the sexual behavior of young people in Europe shows that more than 60% of European youths like to “replace sex with a car instead of a bed”; in Taiwan, as many as 25% of people say that only in the car can they have sex passion; According to a survey, 40% of women hope to share “sex” blessings with their lovers in the car.

  Undoubtedly, there is nothing wrong with wild sex, lathe people, and video masturbation, but if it is widely publicized as a special preference in sex life, many young people feel that they will not experience the stimulation of sex otherwise, and it is very dangerous.

  Especially lathe sex, in a small closed space, every breath is accompanied by tension, it is an amplified thrill of adventure, intertwined with tension and mild guilt, such as worrying about being peeped or disturbed, etc. , it is easier to be psychologically excited. But from the perspective of sexual medicine, this kind of pleasure derived from fear is likely to bring greater psychological pressure to people. Under this kind of pressure, young people are most prone to premature ejaculation. Over time, they are likely to develop psychological ED (erectile dysfunction).

Therefore, this is definitely not a sex method worth recommending to young people, and it will have an adverse effect   on the physical and mental health .

 How can young people prevent impotence and premature ejaculation?

 1. Medication with caution: Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes syndrome differentiation and treatment in the prevention and treatment of impotence, and prescribes medicines according to syndromes according to different constitution types, rather than simply using aphrodisiac drugs. Blind abuse of aphrodisiacs may not improve sexual function, but lead to other diseases .

  2. Pay attention to dietary conditioning: eat more dog meat, mutton, sheep kidney, etc.; because animal offal contains a lot of sex hormones and adrenal cortex hormones, it can enhance sperm motility and improve libido; in addition, foods containing zinc and arginine are helpful Improve sexual function and prevent impotence problems.

  3. Improve physical quality: physical weakness, excessive fatigue, lack of sleep, intense and persistent mental work are all factors for the incidence of impotence. You should actively engage in physical exercise to enhance your physical fitness, and pay attention to rest to prevent overwork and adjust the function of the central nervous system. out of balance.

 4. Quit smoking and drinking: Long-term smoking will hinder the blood flow into the peripheral of the body, affect the blood circulation of the penis, affect the generation of sexual response, and cause impotence. Foreign researchers pointed out that the factors that lead to poor blood circulation and impotence include smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and smoking is the most important.

 5. Temperance in intercourse and other sexual behaviors: long-term excessive intercourse, indulging in pornography, and frequent masturbation lead to mental fatigue, which are important causes of impotence and are taboos. Practice has proved that it is indeed an effective measure to prevent and treat impotence for couples to separate beds, stop sexual life for a period of time, avoid various types of sexual stimulation, and let the central nervous system and sexual organs get a full rest.