Therapeutic Diet for Improving Sperm Quality

Sperm is an indispensable thing to conceive the next generation. After entering the uterus , the sperm will search for the egg in a free state, and combine with the egg to form a fertilized egg.

  Sperm is very important for male friends, normal ejaculation gives men a strong body. If reduced sperm motility will lead to male infertility, is there any way to improve sperm motility?

  In fact, proper supplementation in the daily diet can significantly enhance the vitality of sperm. Here are three recommended soups that male friends can properly match in their meals:

1. Angelica ginger mutton soup

  Main ingredients: Angelica 30 grams, ginger 15 grams, mutton 250 grams.

  Preparation method: Wrap the angelica with cloth, wash the mutton and remove the foam, put it in a casserole with an appropriate amount of water, add ginger, an appropriate amount of salt, and simmer over low heat.

  How to eat: drink soup and eat meat every morning and evening.

  Efficacy: Replenishing essence and blood.

  Indications: Used for the deficiency of both essence and blood when the amount of semen is low.