Causes of male infertility

The number of male infertility So, what are the causes of male infertility? Does nuclear radiation affect male fertility?

Infertility experts pointed out that in the face of pollution’s infringement on male fertility, we must recognize all kinds of harmful pollution, avoid and prevent it as much as possible, so as to avoid male infertility to the greatest extent.

nuclear radiation

  Nuclear radiation has the most powerful destructive effect on male testicles, leading to male infertility. The testis is one of the most radiation-sensitive organs in the human body. Low-dose radiation is enough to significantly reduce the quality of sperm , leading to loss of fertility and infertility, and even temporary azoospermia. The radiation of 200-300 roentgens can cause spermatogenesis disorder, and the dose of 600-8000 roentgens can completely lose the spermatogenesis function and normal fertility.


  Studies have shown that X-rays can cause sperm deformity, reduced quantity, and low quality. Small doses of X-rays can destroy the genetic genes of spermatogenic cells, and can also cause abnormal morphology of sperm heads, causing serious genetic effects in offspring, resulting in Fetal malformations, miscarriages, premature births , and mental retardation are not uncommon.