What affects male reproduction

Sperm counts in men have fallen by roughly half   over the past 50 years, Danish scientists have discovered for the first time . 14 years later, Russian scientists are still working on finding the reason for the decline in sperm. The latest article in the British “Independent” reports 13 male reproductive “killers” that scientists have concluded.

1. Fast food

  With the continuous acceleration of the pace of life of modern people, more and more men join the team of eating fast food in order to save time and convenience.

  Fast food contains many soy products. However, soybeans contain a hormone similar to estrogen. If the intake of this hormone is large, it will show some effects of human estrogen, thereby inducing male reproductive problems.

2. Driving

  With the development of modern means of transportation, the car has become a manifestation of male identity. Italian researchers found that taxi drivers, professional drivers, and truck drivers had the most significant declines in fertility. Continuous driving for more than 2 hours is enough to damage the quality of a man’s sperm. When driving, men should leave the car for 10 minutes after driving for an hour.