Which foods can kill sperm

 Men’s sperm quality is also affected by food? It seems so, now with the increase of life pressure, people’s diet has become extremely irregular. Many foods can reduce sperm motility or even kill sperm. Therefore, if you want to improve the quality of fertility, you must first start with the source of food.

1. Beer

  If you have already suffered from kidney diseases and drink a lot of beer without restriction, the deposition of uric acid will cause renal tubules to be blocked and cause kidney failure.

2. Tofu

Men  who like to eat soy products such as tofu should be careful. According to a number of media reports in the United States recently, a new study from the Harvard School of Public Health once again made it clear that if you eat soybean products every day, your sperm count will drop significantly.

  Soy products have adverse effects on the male reproductive system, especially sperm production. Soybean and its products are rich in isoflavone phytoestrogens. If you take too much, it will naturally affect the level of male hormones in men, resulting in a series of adverse consequences.

3. Milk tea

  Most of the pearl milk teas currently on the market are made with creamer, coloring, essence, tapioca flour (referring to the pearls in milk tea) and tap water. The main component of creamer is hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is a kind of trans fatty acid. Trans fatty acids reduce the secretion of male hormones, negatively affect the motility of sperm, and interrupt the process of sperm reaction in the body.

  Intimate reminder: In fact, in foods such as biscuits, crackers, shortbread, chocolate, salad dressing, French fries, fried doughnuts, cream cakes, large pancakes, potato chips, fried dry noodles, etc. that we often eat, Contains varying amounts of trans fatty acids.