Men often lose their temper and infertility comes to their door

There are many reasons for male infertility , both congenital and acquired. Some details of life can directly affect your fertility.

  Emotions Affect Fertility

3 Reminders from Andrology Experts of   99 Health Net

1. Don’t rush for success and change doctors frequently.

It is understandable for couples seeking treatment for infertility to feel irritable, but childbearing is a complex life process, and the pathogenic factors are often elusive. Some pathogenic factors have as many as several. To solve the main contradiction, it is necessary to Secondary contradictions need to be treated one by one, and patients should patiently cooperate with doctors for treatment, such as “shooting a gun to change a place”, which often delays the disease and is difficult to cure.

2. Chinese medicine is scientific. It pays attention to the holistic view and dialectical thinking. The body can affect the spirit and emotion, and the spirit and emotion can in turn affect the health of the body. Mastering the dialectical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine can achieve “four or two dials a thousand catties” and cure difficult diseases with less medicine.

Third, emotional factors have a great impact on reproductive health.

This effect is sometimes beyond people’s imagination. For example, some women of childbearing age have normal ovulation function, but suddenly interfere with ovulation because of abnormal state of mind, anxiety, or anger, or the time is early or wrong, or they do not ovulate at all. There are also some people whose fallopian tubes were originally unobstructed, but they become blocked or unblocked within a day or two after being angry, which directly affects conception. This is why emotional factors keep the “seeds” from germinating.