Exclusive secrets to make you stronger

 A variety of nutrients to improve the quality of men’s sperm

1. Eat high-quality protein and arginine foods

  High-quality protein is the main raw material for forming semen. High-protein foods include lean meat, pork spinal cord, dog meat, beef and mutton, chicken and duck, eggs, fish and shrimp, bean products, etc. Arginine is an essential component for sperm production, and oligospermia may occur when it is deficient. Foods containing arginine include eel, black fish, sea cucumber, tendon, soy products, lean meat, etc.

 2. Increase various minerals

  Human testicles, prostate glands, and semen all contain high concentrations of zinc. Long-term insufficient intake of zinc will result in scarce sperm and testicular atrophy. High-zinc foods are mainly shellfish. For example, oysters contain the most zinc, so you can eat more.

3. Appropriately increase some foods rich in sex hormones

  For example, the intake of sheep kidney, pig kidney, dog testicle, bullwhip, and chicken liver can promote the division and maturation of spermatogonia, which is very beneficial to spermatogenesis.