Be careful “bubble milk tea” will kill sperm

   Right now, all kinds of milk tea shops occupy the streets and alleys. However, some health experts said that drinking too much pearl milk tea will kill sperm, so it is better for men of childbearing age to drink less.

    Many bubble teas currently on the market contain neither “milk” nor “tea”. Most of these milk teas are made of creamer mixed with tea powder and other substitutes such as flavors and pigments. Creamer is not milk or milk products, and tea powder contains very low theophylline and tea polyphenols. Call it “tea”.

    Experts also revealed that the most important thing is that a large amount of creamer is used in milk tea, and the main component of creamer is hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is a kind of trans fatty acid, which can reduce the secretion of male hormones, inhibit the vitality of sperm, and affect the vitality of sperm . Sex has a negative impact. Therefore, men who want to have babies, it is best to keep a distance from milk tea. Because trans fatty acids in food enter the human body, they will participate in the metabolism of human fatty acids. Long-term intake of large amounts of trans fatty acids will not only increase the incidence of cardiovascular diseases and tumors, but also have a greater impact on reproductive health On the one hand, it affects the quality of sperm and egg cells, increasing the risk of infertility and fetal malformation; on the other hand, trans fatty acids can affect hormone synthesis, and the synthesis of sex hormones can lead to irregular menstruation , sexual dysfunction , and increase infertility. chance of infertility.

    Relatively speaking, sperm production is relatively active. Trans fatty acids such as milk tea have more obvious effects on men than women in a short period of time . Men’s sperm motility may be affected in a short period of time, but women need a longer process.