10 bad habits to avoid if you want to be a dad

1. Picky eaters:

Sperm production and development are inseparable from nutrition, such as arginine supplying sperm nitrogen, vitamin B12 and vitamin C can promote sperm production and protect sperm from harmful factors. The types of food should be expanded to avoid single food and unbalanced nutrition.

2. Long-term medication:

Antihypertensive drugs, diuretics, antibacterial drugs, and drugs for heart disease and gastric ulcer all have the disadvantage of damaging sperm.

3. Drug abuse:

Male drug abuse can reduce the level of testosterone in the blood, weaken reproductive ability, impotence of ejaculation , and infertility. For example, the sexual desire suppression of heroin addicts reaches 100%, and that of methadone addicts reaches 96.5%.

4. Riding a racing car for a long time:

When riding a racing car, the center of gravity leans forward, and the testicles and prostate in the perineum are closely attached to the seat cushion. After being squeezed for a long time, it will cause ischemia, edema, and inflammation, which will affect the production of sperm and the normality of prostatic fluid and semen secreted to cause sterility.

5. Sexual promiscuity leads to sexually transmitted diseases :

The direct consequences of extramarital sex and “one-night stands” are that you are prone to gonorrhea, syphilis, genital herpes and even AIDS , which will seriously damage male reproductive function and reduce the survival rate of sperm.