Male infertility leads to other consequences

1. Mumps sequelae

A survey found that many male infertility can often be traced back to the history of mumps in childhood.

The mumps virus, in addition to “making trouble” in the parotid gland, will also “make trouble” in the human reproductive organs, nervous tissue , pancreas and other tissues and organs. When it invades the testis, it can cause testicular inflammation, which is manifested by testicular swelling and pain, accompanied by systemic symptoms such as fever , chills, nausea, and vomiting.

If only the above symptoms appear, the problem is not very big. What is serious is that the mumps virus will shrink the testicular tissue, especially the “factory” that specializes in making sperm — the mechanism of the seminiferous tubules will be destroyed.

If both testicles are damaged by this virus, it will cause lifelong infertility, and it is difficult to cure. According to statistics, male infertility due to testicular failure accounts for about 14%, most of which are caused by testicular inflammation caused by mumps.

2. Varicocele

The occurrence of varicocele (referred to as varicocele) is due to the congenital valve insufficiency or badness of the vein itself, coupled with some adverse factors in the day after tomorrow (such as excessive force), resulting in the internal spermatic vein The pressure increases, forming a disc-shaped expansion, which hinders the venous blood return, resulting in insufficient nutrition and oxygen supply to the testis, endocrine dysfunction, and a decrease in testosterone levels, thereby inhibiting sperm production. In addition, scrotal inflammation, chronic prostatitis , and various types of sperm infertility can cause male infertility.

Men suffering from these diseases not only cause infertility, but more importantly, they will damage their health and cause lifelong pain if left unchecked. Therefore, male infertility must be treated early.