“Effective Date” for Male Fertility

Aiming at the issue of men’s reproductive years, the Max Planck Research Center in Munich conducted an interesting experiment. They compared 20 grandfathers aged 60 to 89 with 20 fathers aged 24 to 33.

Putting the sperm and voles eggs of these two groups of men together, after adding some enzymes, it was found that the combination rate of both groups reached 54%, which shows that the sperm of the elderly are not aging.

Then, the semen of the two groups of men was further analyzed, and it was found that the sperm density of the grandfather group had an average of 1.2 billion sperm per milliliter, while that of the father group was only 0.78 billion. Research done by Professor Xue Ling in Hamburg also has the same result. He also found that although the density of sperm in the semen of the elderly was higher, their activity was significantly weakened. In addition, the concentration of fruit esters required for sperm metabolism was also reduced, and the waste after metabolism increased.

How to clinically determine a man’s “youth degree”? At the Men’s Physiological Aging Symposium held in Berlin, it was pointed out that it depends on the hardness of the testicle, the frequency of intercourse, and the physical condition of the whole body (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease or asthma) etc.), if necessary, draw blood to measure the male hormone concentration as supplementary evidence.

Judging from the curve drawn by thousands of clinical observations, 31 years old should be the peak of male “youth level”.

Another questionnaire survey found that the sex life status of the elderly is closely related to marriage. Only 7% of the 101 single elderly people had sex. Among the 149 elderly people with partners, 54% still had sex about 1-3 times a week. It gradually decreases after the age of 75.

The key point here is: men’s sexual interest “gets better with age”, and those who were sexually active when they were young are more able to maintain their sex life in old age.