Men also have “sperm period” troubles

Why is there nocturnal emission? Adolescent males develop rapidly physically and psychologically, especially the sexual reproductive system changes greatly, and the size of the testicles increases…

Spermatorrhea is an important sign of male sexual maturity, which is manifested as uncontrolled sudden onset in sleep Ejaculation usually occurs at night or during lunch break. The frequency of ejaculation varies from person to person, ranging from a few days to more than ten days. The same person often has no fixed cycle, which is affected by physical conditions, diet, emotions, and working environment. It has a certain degree of randomness, which brings great inconvenience to the hygiene of “semen period”.

Nocturnal emission causes a large amount of semen to be excreted through the erect penis, which will inevitably “contaminate” the underwear. In response to this situation, it is best to put some toilet paper on the bed in advance and wipe it in time. If you ignore it, the bedding will be soaked soon.

Therefore, it is necessary to prepare another pair of underwear and put them in the quilt cover so that they can be replaced in time. The changed underwear should be washed immediately, and the inner layer should be exposed to the sun with the inner layer facing outward to achieve the effect of sterilization. There must be a small amount of semen remaining in the urethra after nocturnal emission, it is best to go to the toilet to urinate, so that it can be discharged in time, and if possible, it is best to wash it with tap water to keep it clean.

In addition to paying attention to the hygiene of the “semen period”, if men can master the rules of their “semen period”, they can also masturbate regularly to eliminate the inconvenience of uncontrollable “pollution”. healthy .