How men with small penises can have a “sex” life

 There are many differences in human penises like height, fat and thinness, and the size of facial features. They are of different lengths and thicknesses. Domestic Shi Chengli once measured the penis size of 1412 healthy young men in China and the erect penis length of 126 healthy men. The results show that the longest is 14.5 cm, the shortest is 4 cm, and the average is 8.375 cm; the circumference is the largest 12 cm, the smallest is 4.5 cm, and the average is 8.3 cm. The longest erection is 16 cm, the shortest is 9 cm, and the average is 12 cm; the maximum circumference of erection is 14 cm, the smallest is 8 cm, and the average is 10.75 cm.

  The penis lengths of 1000 cases of normal adult men investigated by Liu Guozhen and others are as follows: under normal conditions, the length ranges from 4.9 to 8.6 cm, with an average of 6.55 cm, the longest being 10.6 cm, and the shortest being 3.7 cm. Wu Weicheng et al. measured the penises of 2547 male college students aged 16-40. The average length was 7.43 cm, and the average circumference was 8.17 cm. The average length of the penis was 13.34 cm, which was similar to the calculated erection length of 13.08 cm. Long can represent the length after erection.

  It can be seen that there are some differences in the measurement results of different authors, and the results are also affected by regions and ethnic groups. In addition, the penis length of the same person is not constant under normal conditions, such as tension, cold or severe fatigue can make the penis shorten. In addition, the measurement method itself is also quite different, so it is difficult to judge whether the penis is normal or not simply from the length.

The measurement method of penis length is very important 

Female sexual satisfaction and sexual harmony between both parties are mainly caused by factors such as lack of sexual knowledge and skills, and have nothing to do with penis size.

  By the way, the measurement method of penis length is very important, one is to measure the state of weakness, and the other is to measure the change in the state of erection. When measuring, the room temperature should be around 25°C. After calming down and taking a proper rest, lift the penis flat with your hands, use one end of a hard ruler to withstand the pubic symphysis, and compress the subcutaneous fat layer as much as possible. The mouth is used as the benchmark, and the number read is the normal length of the penis. Then use a tape measure to measure the circumference of the penis stem 1 cm away from the coronal edge. Because patients are nervous or do not adapt to the environment of the consulting room, they often cannot get erections in front of doctors, so the length of penis stretching is often used instead of erection length.

  Most young men are very curious, and they will secretly compare their penis size with those around them in places such as bathing pools. Once they find that their penis is shorter than others, they will cast a shadow in their hearts, feeling ashamed, inferior, and depressed Spontaneously, he no longer wants to go to the public bath or swimming pool. Is the problem really that serious?