Impotence self-treatment and health care methods

Impotence is a relatively common male sexual dysfunction disease in life . Once the disease is found, it should be actively treated. So how should self-care be taken during treatment?

  Impotence Self-Care Methods

  1. For those whose penis is not firm but can get erection, they can adopt a position suitable for semi-erect state, relax and reduce the tension of sexual life, make sexual life easy, and the penis can naturally restore erectile function.

  2. The round and tight-mouthed condom can compress the venous return in the subcutaneous tissue of the root of the penis, make the front of the penis congested, the feeling of the glans head will be more sensitive, the excitement of the brain will be enhanced, and the erection and hardness of the penis will also increase. will increase.

  3. For those who have morning erection, take advantage of the natural erection of the penis to practice properly, and have sex in the early morning, and it will be easy to succeed.

  4. Drinking a small amount of alcohol during sexual life can relieve psychological inhibition, increase the excitement of the brain’s sexual center, and enhance the erectile function of the penis, but it must be noted that only a small amount of liquor can be drunk.

  5. It can use the function of the bladder to store urine to stimulate the peripheral nerves , improve the excitability of the sexual nerves, and enhance the erectile ability of the penis. Therefore, leaving some urination in front of the bladder, and mastering this point skillfully can achieve certain effects.

  What is the best food for impotence

  1. 6 grams of Cordyceps, 2 grams of ginger, and 12 yellow sparrows. Remove the hair and internal organs of the yellow sparrow, wash it, cut it into pieces, put the caterpillar fungus, the sparrow meat, and the ginger slices into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and stew for 2-3 hours. The sparrow is overcooked. Eat the caterpillar fungus and sparrow meat together, and eat them in batches. This prescription is especially suitable for impotence with kidney yin and yang deficiency, but it is not suitable for those with severe damp and heat.

  2. 180 grams of leeks, 240 grams of fresh shrimps, appropriate amount of vegetable oil and monosodium glutamate. Cut the fresh leeks into 3 cm long sections and set aside, shell the fresh shrimps and set aside. Heat up the pot, put vegetable oil in it, pour in leeks and fresh shrimps when the oil is completely soaked, stir fry repeatedly, add monosodium glutamate and salt, stir well and then start the pot. It can be served with meals, and it is more effective to use the following wines.

  3. Senecio 60 grams, snake back 30 grams, psyllium 15 grams, pork 100 grams. First, decoct Senecio, plantain seed, and snake in water, remove the dregs to get juice, stew meat with concoction until overcooked, eat meat and drink soup. Take it once a day in the morning and once in the evening, and take it for 3-5 days. If you can’t eat fat meat, you can use lean meat.

  4. 20 male silkworm moths, 30 grams of white wine. Select live male silkworm moths, dry them in a hot pot, and grind them into powder. Take 3 grams of male silkworm moth powder with white wine every morning and evening, and take it for more than half a month. Do not take radish in this prescription, especially for impotence due to kidney deficiency .

  5. 90 grams of snow lotus, white wine. Soak snow lotus flowers in white wine, seal tightly, shake several times a day, after soaking for 7 days, take about 15ml every night before going to bed, no more than 50ml. This prescription is not suitable for those with damp-heat in the lower energizer, especially for impotence due to kidney deficiency.