What to do if a man is unable to ejaculate

Inability to ejaculate can be said to be a big problem for men. Men who suffer from this disease should be treated as soon as possible, because it not only affects their physical and mental health , but also has a considerable impact on their sexual life. Everyone hopes to be cured as soon as possible. So what’s going on?

What are the dangers of weak ejaculation?

  cause sexual dysfunction

Weak ejaculation will lead to a decline in the quality of people’s sexual life, which is a great blow to men. Not only will they lose face in front of women, but they will also make the other party feel that they are not good enough, which will naturally lead to the loss of self-confidence in men. Sexual interest in this matter decreases, and even disgust and fear.

cause sexual dysfunction

Ineffective ejaculation will cause great harm to men, not only psychologically, but also physically. If any link in the entire sexual function system goes wrong, it will cause harm to the body. Ineffective ejaculation is harmful to sex. The impact of functional systems is significant.

 lead to infertility

I can’t ejaculate, so how can I get the woman pregnant? The consequence of the inability to ejaculate is to let the semen flow out naturally. After losing the original explosive power and motivation, I can’t successfully enter the woman’s body. How can I get pregnant? Just like a human being, there is no motivation Afterwards, she also looked limp.

lead to a series of sequelae

Poor ejaculation may be just some early symptoms, and if things go on like this, some complications will occur, and even some urinary system diseases may appear, such as premature ejaculation, impotence , inflammation, etc.

 So why is there weak ejaculation?

  psychological factors

If some unhealthy mental states and self-esteem are too high, there will be a gap in reality, and the gap in reality plus the gap in psychology will produce this consequence. So it’s best to just relax and go with the flow with a positive attitude.

  Effects of Prostate Disease

This disease will increase the psychological pressure of patients, feel that there is something wrong with them, or dare not devote too much effort or do this well, which will lead to decreased libido and weak ejaculation.

inflammation of the urethra

Some inflammation or painful blockage in the urethra will cause the man’s insemination to not be normal, cause blockage, and some inflammation, some diseases of the urinary system or reproductive system, can easily lead to ineffective ejaculation.


If the foreskin is too long, it will cover the glans, which will weaken the stimulation of the glans, make it less sensitive to the outside world, and cause weak ejaculation.

If there are some problems in a man’s body, he must be able to find out the cause, so as to better treat the symptoms. Don’t be obsessed with face problems, the body is the most important thing, and don’t miss the best healing time for the so-called face.