Common spermicide killers in daily life

Perhaps many people do not realize that the decline in sperm quality has become a major health hazard faced by men all over the world . It directly causes male infertility and poses a threat to the way humans have survived for generations. The reason for this situation is closely related to our life factors. Male sperm is actually quite sensitive and fragile. Various external or internal stimuli from life may reduce its vitality or even kill its vitality.

 The common sperm killers in life are as follows:

1. Wear skinny jeans. Tight jeans not only oppress male reproductive organs and affect the normal development of testicles, but also are not conducive to the survival of sperm because they are airtight and do not dissipate heat.

 2. Riding a racing car for a long time. The height of the handlebars of the racing car is lower than the seat, the center of gravity is tilted forward, and the curvature of the waist is increased. The testicles and prostate in the perineum are closely attached to the seat cushion. After being squeezed for a long time, it will cause ischemia, edema, and inflammation, which will affect the production of sperm and the prostate. Infertility due to normal secretion of fluid and semen. Therefore, it is not advisable for young men to ride a racing car for a long time, and a sponge cover should be used to protect the perineal cushion.

3. The bath temperature is too high. Under normal circumstances, sperm must be in a constant temperature environment of 34°C to 35°C to develop normally. When the water temperature is too high when taking a bath, there are often hidden “killing intentions”. For example, the room temperature in a sauna can be as high as 70°C to 80°C, which is more than double the temperature of a normal bathroom, which is not conducive to the growth of sperm, or causes too many “dead sperm” to cause infertility. Therefore, young people should take sauna baths carefully, and the water temperature for bathing should be around 34°C .

4. Zinc deficiency and selenium deficiency diet. The trace element zinc can promote sperm motility, prevent premature disintegration of sperm, and facilitate the combination with eggs. It can be seen that zinc has a significant impact on fertility. Selenium is also an essential trace element for the human body, almost all of which comes from food. Therefore, young men should not have a partial eclipse, and should pay attention to eating more foods containing zinc and selenium, such as fish, oysters, liver, soybeans, and brown rice.

5. Inhale kitchen fume. A study by the School of Medicine of Shanghai Railway University found that there are 74 chemical substances in kitchen fumes that can cause mutations in cells and lead to infertility, which has become a new ” criminal evidence ” of “family killers “. They found that the mutation rate of cell chromosomes was 0.54% and 2.8% of the fruit flies were sterile, which indicated that their reproductive system was obviously damaged.

6. Long-term consumption of certain foods and raw cottonseed oil added with nitrite food preservatives or m-sulfonamide food coloring agents can also lead to a decline in the number and quality of sperm.

7. Celery is also a sperm killer. Men who eat more celery will inhibit the production of testosterone, thereby having a spermicidal effect and reducing the number of sperm . After experiments, it was found that after healthy and fertile young men ate celery for several consecutive days, their sperm count would be significantly reduced to the point where it was difficult to conceive, and this situation would return to normal after a few months of stopping eating.