How to recover from impotence

The pain and harm that impotence brings to male friends can only be deeply experienced and understood by the person involved. Men’s impotence not only causes some damage to men’s self-esteem, but also affects the relationship between husband and wife, and affects the harmony of the family. Therefore, regarding the topic of male impotence, early treatment and recovery are very important not only for men, but also for the health and harmony of the other half and the whole family.

  Male impotence, also known as impotence, is a relatively common male sexual dysfunction disease clinically in recent years . After investigation, it ranks first among all male sexual dysfunction diseases! Males mainly refer to that the penis cannot be erected or the erection is not firm when there is a sexual desire, or although there is an erection with a certain degree of hardness, it cannot maintain enough time for sexual intercourse, which hinders sexual intercourse or cannot complete sexual intercourse. How to recover from male impotence? The following points of experience are specially summarized.

  1. Suffering from impotence, do not use drugs indiscriminately. There are many causes of impotence. If you suffer from this disease, you must not warm and tonic at will. You must use medicines in a timely manner according to certain conditions, and do not use some tonics by yourself. You should pay proper attention to rest in daily life, and you can eat more foods that have the effect of nourishing the kidney and strengthening essence, such as oysters, walnut meat, chestnuts, soft-shelled turtles, meretrix meretrix, pigeon eggs, pork loin and other foods.

  2. Eliminate psychological factors. Both men and women must have a certain understanding of sexual knowledge, fully understand the impact of mental factors on sexual function, and treat “sexual desire” correctly. It should not be regarded as something shameful and disgusted and feared. Don’t just because of once or twice Frustration, worry, and lack of confidence due to the failure of married life. The husband and wife should increase emotional communication, eliminate disharmonious factors, and cooperate tacitly. Concentrate your thoughts, especially when you reach the peak of sexual pleasure and are about to ejaculate .

  3. Proper intercourse. Long-term excessive intercourse and indulging in pornography are one of the causes of impotence. Practice has proved that separate beds for husband and wife, stop sexual life for a period of time, avoid various types of sexual stimulation, and allow the central nervous system and sexual organs to have a full rest are effective measures for men to treat impotence.

  4. Improve your physical fitness. Physical weakness, excessive fatigue, lack of sleep, intense and persistent mental work are all pathogenic factors. You should actively engage in physical exercise , enhance your physique, and pay attention to rest to prevent overwork and adjust the dysfunction of the central nervous system. This is also an important factor in the treatment of male impotence. aspect.

  5. Relax appropriately, don’t be too stressed. Psychological impotence accounts for about 85-90% of the total number of impotence, which is the most common cause. Nowadays, the pressure of life is intensified. In real life, many men experience impotence and premature ejaculation when they have sex, or many men are afraid that they will not be able to satisfy their wives. Excessive emphasis on sex life leads to lack of willpower and excessive psychological pressure. Therefore, it is recommended that the other party relax appropriately and reduce the pressure in their hearts.

  Male impotence is not uncommon in today’s life. As long as you relax your mind, eliminate psychological factors, improve your own quality, take proper diet and recuperation, and pay attention to rest. If you find that your impotence is serious, you should go to the relevant hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible.