How to treat premature ejaculation

 How to treat premature ejaculation disease ?

  1. Pay attention to diet conditioning:

  Avoid spicy stimulation, quit smoking and drinking. In addition, you may wish to eat more such as leeks, onions, peppers, mutton, animal kidneys and whips, etc., which have a good effect of nourishing the kidney and replenishing qi.

  2. Maintain a good mental mood:

  The onset of premature ejaculation is very closely related to factors such as spirit, emotion, and psychology, such as excessive excitement, tension, excitement, anxiety, fear, etc. can lead to premature ejaculation. Whether the mood before intercourse is normal or not has a great influence on the speed of ejaculation .

  3. Actively participate in physical exercise :

  Participate in some recreational and sports activities that are beneficial to physical and mental health, such as listening to music, exercising in the gym, regulating sentiment, strengthening physical fitness, etc., all of which will help prevent and treat premature ejaculation.

  4. Correct understanding and treatment of sex life:

  Self-cultivation, sexual intercourse, and maintenance of kidney essence; at the same time, pay attention to intercourse hygiene, conduct sex education for both husband and wife, understand the meaning of premature ejaculation, and prevent misinterpretation of normal conditions as premature ejaculation.

  Foods that have therapeutic effects on male diseases

  Shrimp – Shrimp is delicious and has high tonic and medicinal effects. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is sweet, salty, and warm in nature, and has the functions of strengthening yang, nourishing kidney, nourishing essence, and promoting milk. Anyone who suffers from chronic illness and physical weakness, shortness of breath and fatigue, and who does not think about eating can use it as a nourishing food. eating prawn helps us to strengthen our body.

  Mussels – Mussels are also called pearl vegetables and shell vegetables. Rich in protein, iodine, B vitamins, zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorus, etc. Its taste is salty, warm in nature, and has the effects of warming the kidney and strengthening essence, replenishing qi and tonifying deficiency. It is suitable for male sexual dysfunction, nocturnal emission, impotence , sexual labor, diabetes and other diseases. Regular food for men can strengthen the body and enhance sexual function.

  Loach – Loach contains high-quality protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin B1, niacin, iron, phosphorus, calcium, etc. It is sweet in taste and flat in nature, and has the effects of nourishing the middle and replenishing qi, nourishing the kidney and promoting essence. It has a good effect on conditioning function. Loach contains a special protein that promotes sperm formation. Adult men often eat loach to nourish and strengthen the body