Prostatitis can cause premature ejaculation

Many people know about prostatitis, but they don’t know that prostatitis can lead to premature ejaculation. Let’s take a look at why.


Although prostatitis and premature ejaculation are both andrological diseases, they are not the same. However, recent experts have shown that prostatitis can be said to be a major cause of premature ejaculation. Do you know why prostatitis can cause premature ejaculation?

Prostatitis causes premature ejaculation

Prostatitis can be said to be a main button to control ejaculation . If this position is sick, it is very easy to loosen this outlet due to overstimulation at the beginning of sexual life, resulting in rapid ejaculation, that is, premature ejaculation . So in general, patients with prostatitis will basically have premature ejaculation. When we want to treat this type of premature ejaculation, we need to treat prostatitis first, otherwise it is difficult to cure premature ejaculation.

  How to Prevent Prostate

  life should be regular

Regular life is very important for our human health , and studies have shown that people who often sleep upside down or at night are three times more likely to cause prostatitis than others, because every time they go to bed late or sleep upside down, they will cause prostatitis. It is an intrusion on the metabolism of the human body.

  no spicy food


Although eating spicy food is not a main cause of prostatitis directly, when we eat spicy food, it will stimulate our prostate and urethra, which will stimulate the perineum to a certain extent, thus making the prostate immune Strength drops, bacterial infection.

sit as long as possible

Sitting for a long time will make the center of gravity of our body become the prostate gland itself, which will cause the prostate gland to be compressed to a certain extent, resulting in blood blockage, which will directly reduce the resistance of the prostate gland over time and cause inflammation.

  cycling soon

Cycling can be said to be a very healthy exercise, but if a man rides a bicycle for a long time, it will also damage the prostate. Because when riding, the prostate will be oppressed by the car mat and the center of gravity of the body, and the body is prone to heat when exercising, and its ability to dissipate heat will also be reduced, which will increase the temperature of the prostate and damage the prostate.

  no panties

Tight-fitting underwear wraps all the private parts of a man tightly, which will not only prevent the temperature of the perineum from dissipating in time, but also keep the prostate under pressure.

don’t hold back

  If you hold back your urine, the bladder will be full of urine, which will oppress the prostatitis, and sometimes the urine will flow backwards, which will flow to the prostate, leading to prostatitis.

  maintain a regular sex life

  When men have irregular sex life, it is also easy to cause prostatitis. For example, interruption of sex life or too frequent sex life will directly lead to prostate congestion.