What harm does the foreskin have? It can be treated in this way.

Excessive foreskin is terrible, because it is very harmful, so do you know what harm is too long foreskin? How to treat it?


Some people think that phimosis and prepuce do not hinder sexual life and fertility, so they are not a genital disease . In fact, this view is not scientific. Because, whether it is phimosis or prepuce, it is harmful to the human body.

What are the dangers of excessive foreskin

  Interfering with the development of the penis, the harmony of life

Phimosis will affect the growth and development of the penis. During puberty, because the glans of the penis is tightly wrapped by the foreskin and cannot get the proper stimulation from the outside world, the development of the glans of the penis is greatly restricted, resulting in the growth of the crown of the glans of the penis after the sexual organs mature. The circumference is obviously small, which affects sexual pleasure. Adults will affect normal sex life due to prepuce or phimosis. Especially for men whose foreskin is too small, the foreskin can’t be turned upside down, and the foreskin is tightly stuck in the coronal groove, forming an incarcerated phimosis, which is not very painful.

  inflame the penis

There are abundant sebaceous glands in the foreskin, which can secrete a large amount of sebum. When phimosis or prepuce is too long, the secretion of sebaceous glands in the foreskin cannot be discharged, and the sediment in sebum and urine synthesizes cheese-like and smelly “smegma”. Foreskin smegma is suitable for bacterial growth, so it can cause inflammation of the glans penis and foreskin. Bacteria can also cause urinary tract infections through the urethra. Inflammation at the meatus of the urethra can cause narrowing of the meatus of the urethra after healing, resulting in difficulty in urinating.


  damage to kidney function

Inflammation of the penis can cause narrowing of the urethral meatus or anterior urethra, making urination difficult. Long-term dysuria will damage the function of the kidneys.

cancer risk

Prepuce and phimosis may induce penile cancer. Modern scientific research shows that smegma is a carcinogen. According to the survey, 85%-95% of penile cancer patients are phimosis or prepuce. Phimosis and prepuce not only affect your own health , but if you have intercourse with your wife, you will also bring smegma into the vagina, stimulate the uterus , and induce cervical cancer .

  How to treat excessive prepuce

  1. Frings circumcision

It is an innovative and perfect circumcision method by international andrology experts in minimally invasive reproductive surgery, combined with the different surgical efficacy demonstrations of traditional circumcision, Korean circumcision, and American sleeve crown surgery for many years, under the use of photoion technology. Its characteristic is that the light ion used is smaller than the heat source of the laser light source, the blood coagulation mechanism is fast, and the normal foreskin tissue is not stimulated, so the bleeding during the operation is very small, there is no pain after the operation, and the recovery is fast. More importantly, the length of the foreskin that needs to be removed is accurately measured before the operation of Flins’s long foreskin, which fundamentally avoids the disadvantages of traditional surgery and laser circumcision.

2. Laser treatment

  Laser circumcision also includes Korean circumcision and American sleeve crown circumcision. This circumcision is a further improvement on traditional circumcision. It is characterized by shortened surgical time and less bleeding Reduced to some extent, there is a certain degree of pain after the operation, and the recovery is slow. However, because the laser is a high-heat light source, it often leads to scar contractures in the laser surgery incision, which may cause sequelae such as too short foreskin frenulum and limited erectile function.

3. Foreskin PSV high-frequency ion circumcision

  High-tech high-frequency ion (laser) is used to directly act on the foreskin, and a series of treatment and repair processes such as cutting, carbonization, and physical therapy are performed on the prepuce tissue.

  4. Sleep O2 painless foreskin cosmetic surgery

  It is the first to adopt the international advanced sleep O2 propofol intravenous analgesia anesthesia. After anesthesia, it will enter a deep sleep state to ensure that patients with prepuce have no pain during the operation.