Nocturnal emission harm rich diet therapy

Generally speaking, it is normal for adult men to have nocturnal emission 1-2 times a month without sexual intercourse. However, if nocturnal emission is frequent, it will cause a series of harm to the body.


What are the dangers of spermatorrhea?

  Affect the relationship between husband and wife

The harm of nocturnal emission to people is first of all psychological distress. Some married men will occasionally have nocturnal emission. They will regard this phenomenon as a kind of pathological reflection and mistakenly think that it is caused by the influence of physical diseases . As a result, phenomena such as fear, palpitation, irritability and irritability appear, which eventually affect the relationship between husband and wife.

  lead to infertility

Occasional nocturnal emission is a normal physiological phenomenon in men. If it is frequent, it may be considered a pathological cause, such as prostatitis , seminal vesiculitis, urethritis, varicocele and other diseases. If it is not treated in time, it will not only lead to nocturnal emission, but also semen loss , sperm quality decline, but also lead to infertility and systemic diseases.


impact on youth mental health

For teenagers, when they don’t know too much about nocturnal emission, they will have a series of adverse psychological reactions such as surprise, mental anxiety, fear, and self-blame for the first time. This kind of psychological reaction is not conducive to the physical and mental health of adolescents, and may eventually affect normal physical development. In this case, sex education and guidance should be given to young people in time.

  Induce premature ejaculation

If there is frequent nocturnal emission for a long time, it will not only do no good to the body, but may also cause premature ejaculation. Due to long-term external stimulation, resulting in habitual nocturnal emission, even in normal sexual life, premature ejaculation when a woman touches or other sexual stimulation is the so-called premature ejaculation.

Nocturnal emission therapeutic prescription

1. Leek 60 grams, decoct in water. Or cook porridge with glutinous rice, add salt and oil. When the porridge is about to be cooked, put the washed and cut leeks into the porridge and cook for a while until the soup is thick. Take warm food 2 times a day. Leek has the functions of warming and nourishing kidney yang, strengthening essence and stopping sequelae.

2. Cordyceps sinensis is stewed in water with appropriate amount of rock sugar, or steamed with longan, walnut kernels, and red dates. Cordyceps has the function of invigorating the kidney and replenishing vital energy.

3. 60 grams of ginkgo nuts, after frying, add sugar and add water to decoct, eat ginkgo nuts and drink soup, once a day.

4. Decompose 15 grams of Eucommia in water, then put 1 pork kidney into the Eucommia soup and cook, then eat the meat and drink the soup.