How Men Use Condoms at a Glance

Condoms are very common, so do you know how men use them? Let’s take a look with the editor below.


The size of the condom is relatively fixed. The length of an ordinary condom is about 19 cm. There is a seminal vesicle about 2 cm long on the top of the condom. There is a slightly elastic rubber ring at the proximal opening (cuff), which mainly plays the role of genital fixation.

 How to use male condom

Male condoms are widely used, but for men who try sex for the first time , they still need to use male condoms. Let’s take a look at how to use male condoms:

1. Take out the condom before sexual intercourse, tear open the package, and carefully take out the condom;

2. Check whether the curled part of the tail of the condom is outside. If not, it proves that the condom is worn backwards. When wearing the condom, the air in the first seminal vesicle of the condom must be squeezed out;

3. Then slowly stretch the condom to the end of the penis;

4. After ejaculation , when the penis is still erect, you should immediately hold the condom from the root of the penis with your hands, and pull out the penis from the vagina as soon as possible. After the penis is completely pulled out, take off the condom and wrap it in a tissue Just put it in the trash can.

Several common condom use misunderstandings


Among the many contraceptive methods, the condom has the highest rate of adoption. It is easy to use, convenient, and harmless to the human body, so many couples and lovers choose this contraceptive method. However, because many friends do not correctly grasp the method of using condoms, resulting in contraceptive failure, the following are some common misunderstandings about condom use.

  1. Condoms can be used again

Some people who have multiple sexes with only one condom are likely to reuse it. This is very dangerous as the condom will become weak and can break easily. Regardless of whether a man has ejaculated or not, condoms cannot be reused. The safest way is to buy them nearby or stop having sex.

  2. Never look at the model when wearing a condom

Too tight, too loose, too long, too short, if you feel that you are always dissatisfied with wearing a condom, you may have to check whether you have chosen the wrong model.

3. Only wear condoms during sex

  Wrong, no ejaculation does not mean no “leakage”. As long as you are sexually excited, there may be a small amount of sperm in the love fluid .

  4. Like to wear ultra-thin condoms

  The thinner the condom, the more irritating it is to use, but the durability is not good. If you are a “fast man” (that is, a man who ejaculates quickly), it is best to choose a slightly thicker condom, lest the “sexy” erection stop abruptly.

  5. It is safer to wear two condoms

Many men believe that wearing an extra condom provides an extra layer of protection. The opposite is true: Friction between the two condoms is more likely to cause rupture, increasing the risk of unwanted pregnancy