What are the dangers of having a small penis?

It is a very low self-esteem for a man to have a short penis, and he feels very helpless, but there is nothing he can do about it. Many men lose self-confidence because of their short penis, and they dare not take a bath in the bathhouse, for fear of being treated as a laughing stock. So do you know what are the dangers of having a small penis? How to treat it?

 Dangers of a small penis

  1. Physiological hazards

Due to the short penis , it will cause phimosis. Foreskin phimosis is not only the culprit of balanitis and prostatitis , but also a series of male diseases , such as pain in sexual life, pain in the scrotum, poor testicular development, etc.

  2. Psychological harm

If the penis is underdeveloped during adolescence, resulting in a short penis, it will often give men a sense of inferiority and depression in their minds. They are afraid of entering public bathhouses, public swimming pools, going to the toilet when there are many people, and being discriminated against by their sexual partners. , can induce serious physical and mental diseases such as low self-esteem and frigidity.

  The dangers to the family

The short and small male penis not only directly affects the quality of sexual life, but even induces the breakdown of family relationships. According to incomplete statistics, 39% of divorces in China are caused by disharmony in sexual life caused by short and short male genitalia. Bringing it into the vagina of a woman will cause the woman to be infected with various gynecological diseases and seriously destroy the happy life of the couple.

 Treatment for a small penis

  Surgical removal of fat layer

  Obese people have a thicker fat layer in the lower abdomen, causing the penis to be buried in the fat layer, forming a “turtle-head penis”. In this case, the fat layer of the lower abdomen is removed by a liposuction machine or the fat layer is surgically removed, and the penis length can be extended in appearance.