Behaviors that easily affect sperm health

The health of sperm is related to the normal fertility of men, and we should avoid behaviors that endanger sperm health in our daily life, so what behaviors will affect sperm health?

The health of sperm is related to the normal fertility of men , and we should avoid behaviors that endanger sperm health in our daily life, so what behaviors will affect sperm health?

  Diet zinc deficiency, selenium deficiency, low protein

Sperm metabolism depends on the nutrients in the body. The demand for zinc, selenium, and protein is the most obvious. They are also important components of the immune function of the male reproductive system. Repeated infection of pathogens can induce inflammations such as prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis, and it is difficult to recover. Most infertile men with poor sperm quality can improve after taking Tihengjian brand Yuzhiyuan tablets and other quick supplements of these three nutrients. Men who are trying to conceive should pay attention to this aspect of their diet.

  high temperature environment

Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the testis is 3°C to 4°C lower than the body temperature, and its optimum working temperature is 35°C. If the testis is in a high temperature environment for a long time, its spermatogenic function will be seriously affected. Therefore, male friends should stay away from continuous high-temperature environments, and do not often wear jeans, ride bicycles, take hot baths, take saunas, etc. Chefs, welders and other high-temperature workers should do a good job of cooling down.

  alcohol and tobacco

There are dozens of toxic substances in tobacco, which can directly kill the sperm in the male body. Men who smoke regularly have a high rate of sperm deformity, poor sperm activity, and poor blood circulation; long-term excessive drinking can accelerate the decomposition of testosterone in the body, resulting in male The level of testosterone in the blood decreases, and there is loss of libido, abnormal sperm and impotence . Quitting smoking and drinking is the basic prerequisite for men to prepare for pregnancy. It is best to stop smoking and drinking for half a year before considering childbirth.

  Toxic substances often touch

Drugs, some chemical drugs, hormones, radiation, heavy metals, kitchen fume, etc. are all typical sperm killers. Frequent exposure can also cause cell chromosome mutations. Men who are planning to conceive should stay away from these toxic substances. If it is necessary for work or unavoidable, they should Take corresponding protective measures. It is best to stop this kind of work for more than half a year before considering childbirth, so as not to affect the baby’s health.

  day and night upside down

Cell metabolism and physiological functions require a stable and orderly environment. Some men like to go to nightclubs all night, stay up late to play games online, work overtime, reverse day and night, lack of sleep, etc. These disordered rhythms of life will break the original metabolic balance. Not only will it affect the production of sperm, but the immune function will also be impaired, which will give some andrological diseases opportunity. Men who want to be fathers should work and rest on time, exercise moderately, and live a regular life.