Where are the symptoms of infertility?

Fromthe perspective of disease , azoospermia will not cause great harm to the body of male patients, but from other perspectives, it will have a relatively large impact. Suffering from azoospermia will have a great impact on the patient’s psychology. There is a huge injury, and it may even cause family breakdown, so timely treatment is needed. What are the specific symptoms of azoospermia?

  Although the symptoms of azoospermia are not obvious, it does not mean that there are no symptoms of azoospermia, especially the symptoms of azoospermia caused by other diseases are easier to detect. The symptoms of azoospermia mainly include: the first is general Generally speaking, the symptoms of azoospermia do not have any obvious clinical manifestations, and most of the patients are diagnosed with azoospermia when they go to the doctor without having children for many years. Therefore, the disease cannot be predicted before the examination. But the new research provides patients with a new way to reflect whether there is azoospermia, which is of great help to the early detection of azoospermia. In laboratory research on azoospermia, it was found that the volume of semen can be used to judge the lesions of many male accessory gonads and spermatogenic function. The second manifestation is that if there is congenital absence of seminal vesicles, epididymis lesions, and obstruction of the vas deferens, the pH value of semen will drop; if it is acute epididymitis, prostatitis , and seminal vesiculitis, the pH value is > 8.0. In the study, it was found that: PH>;8.0 semen, the detection of elastase content in seminal plasma indicated infection; at the same time, the Doppler examination of azoospermia patients with semen PH>;7.0 had no abnormalities such as seminal vesicles, epididymal cysts or varicose veins. Therefore, the volume and PH value of semen in patients with azoospermia can reflect the development and function of male gonads and accessory gonads, which is very meaningful for the analysis of its etiology and should be highly valued.

  In addition to the above two manifestations, the most important symptom of azoospermia is the absence of sperm secretion, but this can only be discovered after having sex after maturity. Therefore, many male friends only get sperm after marriage. Know that you have azoospermia, and another manifestation of azoospermia symptoms is to cause male infertility. Therefore, for those who are unable to bear children after marriage, you may consider whether they have azoospermia.

  The above is an introduction about the symptoms of azoospermia. I wonder if everyone understands it. Nowadays, although azoospermia can be cured, it is quite difficult to treat, and other symptoms are prone to occur during the treatment process. difficulties, so we must pay attention to the prevention of azoospermia.