Do you know the symptoms of male infertility?

Azoospermia is a relatively harmful andrological disease . Although its occurrence will not pose a threat to the patient’s life, it will bring serious disharmony to the patient’s family and cause infertility. It can be seen that, The danger of this disease is relatively large. Therefore, in order to have a healthy body, it is necessary to do a good job in daily preventive work.

  Clinically , in order to judge the existence of azoospermia, in addition to understanding its symptoms, strict inspections are also required. The semen must be inspected many times. If it is determined that there is no sperm, then it can be concluded that there is no sperm . One of the symptoms of azoospermia is the lack of sperm secretion, but because sperm secretion only occurs after sexual maturity and sexual life, many male friends only know that they have azoospermia after they get married. Another manifestation of infertility symptoms is to cause male infertility. Therefore, for those who are unable to bear children after marriage, they may consider whether they have azoospermia.

  In addition, after suffering from azoospermia, in addition to showing no sperm secretion, the PH value of male semen will also drop; if it is acute epididymitis, prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis, the PH value> 8.0. In the study, it was found that in semen with pH>8.0, the detection of elastase content in seminal plasma indicated infection; at the same time, the Doppler examination of azoospermia patients with semen pH>7.0 had no abnormalities such as seminal vesicles, epididymal cysts or varicose veins. Therefore, the volume and PH value of semen in patients with azoospermia can reflect the development and function of male gonads and accessory gonads, which is very meaningful for the analysis of its etiology and should be highly valued.

  The above article is an introduction to the symptoms of male azoospermia. It can be seen that the causes of azoospermia have different symptoms and manifestations. Therefore, in order to correctly distinguish this disease, a diagnosis by a professional doctor is required. to fulfill.