Principles of health preservation for patients with azoospermia

Azoospermia will undoubtedly cause male infertility . Although many patients are treated with multiple methods, the results are still not good. To enhance the treatment effect of azoospermia patients, daily nourishment of sperm is very important. It is best for patients to be able to actively treat while Follow the principles of nourishment:

Principle 1. Pay attention to health preservation, pay attention to the maintenance of kidney essence

  Some male friends are usually busy with work and don’t care about health care. This is a mistake for men, especially those with azoospermia. Men’s health care should first pay attention to adjusting diet structure and nourishing kidney essence; Depletion of kidney essence. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, kidney essence is also known as congenital essence, which mainly comes from parents, and is continuously nourished and supplemented by acquired diet after birth. The clinical treatment of azoospermia patients is very effective.

 Principle 2: Adjust daily life and provide a livable environment for sperm

  Most modern people work more intensely and socialize more. Some bad living habits will lead to a decline in sperm motility, such as irregular life, eating spicy food, sitting for a long time, etc. To treat azoospermia, patients must pay attention to adjusting their daily life. Provide a livable environment for sperm. Azoospermia patients must pay attention to not drinking alcohol, not eating spicy food, not wearing or wearing less jeans, not taking sauna baths or taking less, and avoiding high temperature and radiation working environments.

Principle 3. Reduce infection and promote hygienic sex life

  Many people know that unclean sexual intercourse can cause sexually transmitted diseases , but few people know that reproductive tract infections can cause great damage to sperm. Infected semen will significantly affect the vitality of sperm, and even lead to the death of the mirror. From a clinical point of view, the chances of infection among young people mainly come from unclean sex life and activities such as saunas. Patients are advised to pay attention to the hygiene of sexual life.

Principle 4: Use supplements with caution, as misuse can lead to aggravation of the condition

  Perhaps influenced by the overwhelming advertisements, many men usually simply look for answers from kidney deficiency when they have problems in reproductive and sexual life , resulting in the abuse of kidney-tonifying health care drugs and food. Whether it is judged from the theoretical aspects of traditional Chinese medicine or from the perspective of received cases, it is wrong. Yang-deficiency patients take yin-tonifying medicines, and the consequences are not too bad, but yin-deficiency patients take yang-warming medicines by mistake, which will add fuel to the flames and endanger fertility.

  Azoospermia is relatively difficult to treat among many male infertility diseases . Therefore, patients must pay attention to daily health maintenance while actively treating, so as to maximize the treatment effect.