What is the relationship between male fertility and diabetes

Male infertility caused by diabetes is related to the following reasons

1. Affect the erectile function of the penis. In diabetes, vascular sclerosis, when it involves the small arteries of the cavernous body of the penis, can affect the erectile function of the penis.

2. Decrease the level of sex hormones. The metabolism of sugar in the anterior pituitary cells is dependent on insulin. Insulin deficiency in diabetic patients will hinder the utilization of sugar in the anterior pituitary cells, resulting in impaired synthesis of gonadotropins and decreased blood gonadotropins.

3. Affect sperm motility. Insulin is needed for sperm motility, and insulin is reduced or absent in diabetes, which directly affects sperm motility.

4. Affect ejaculation function. The pelvic sympathetic nervous system controls the closure of the bladder neck sphincter during ejaculation. If diabetes affects the function of this part of the nerve, retrograde ejaculation occurs.

Diabetes can cause infertility

Diabetic patients are often accompanied by lesions of testicular arterioles and accessory gland vessels. Long-term insufficient blood supply not only reduces the ability of testes to produce sperm, but also damages the secretion function of the corresponding glands, resulting in sperm quality. Quantities fall as well due to ingredients. Changes in the quantity that threaten the semen can cause infertility.

The disorder of glucose metabolism in diabetes makes the interstitial cells (secreting androgen) and anterior pituitary cells (secreting gonadotropin) and other hormone-secreting cells in the male testis obstruct the utilization of sugar, so that the synthesis of gonadal hormone and stimulating hormone The function of gonadal hormones is impaired.

The corresponding hormone levels in the blood decrease, resulting in reproductive endocrine hormone secretion dysfunction; it may also lead to insufficient energy sources for sperm motility, which seriously affects sperm motility. Only sperm with good motility has the ability to conceive, and the vitality of sperm comes from the orderly progress of a series of complex biochemical events in sperm cells, mainly sugar metabolism.

Than if the arteries associated with the completion of sexual activity including the penis. When the veins and nerves have been eroded by diabetes, diabetic erectile dysfunction or ejaculation disorder will appear. Due to the different parts and degrees of nerve involvement, the manifestations of ejaculation disorders vary from individual to individual: difficulty in ejaculation and non-ejaculation are mostly due to lesions in the innervation nerves that initiate ejaculation; and when the pelvic sympathetic nervous system is damaged, retrograde motion may occur Ejaculation, that is, semen directly into the bladder through the “back door”.