How to drink beer in summer can cause infertility

Men like to have a glass of beer in the sweltering summer. Many of them have a beer belly, and many people say that it is healthier  to have a beer every day . But according to the survey, there are many cases of infertility due to drinking beer, so don’t take it lightly.

  Beer has the effect of invigorating the spleen and appetizing. Many people regard it as a daily soft drink, and even call it “liquid bread”. Especially in summer, beer has become people’s favorite drink with meals. British scientists recently issued a warning: beer directly affects male fertility.

  Three chemicals that affect fertility were studied — genistein in soybeans and other legumes, 8-prenylnaringenin in hops, and phenol nonyl in cleaners, paints, herbicides and pesticides, among others. Scientists have found that these substances can mimic the function of estrogen, affect the action of sperm , thereby reducing the efficiency of male fertility.

  Experts explained that when the sperm meets the egg, it will release an enzyme that breaks through the outer membrane of the egg, and estrogen can stimulate the activity of the sperm. The enzyme is released when it is needed, but it cannot break through the outer membrane of the egg when it is really needed, then the fertility will be affected.

  In addition, I am introducing a common sense of life . If you find that you are getting shorter, it means that your body is losing calcium and your bone health is being threatened.

  Prescription: A balanced diet is the key. Developing the habit of eating on time is of great significance in preventing bone calcium loss. In addition, moderate exercise can speed up the body’s metabolism and delay bone loss.

  Recommendation: Get some vitamin D in the sun every day.

  In a word, there are three kinds of unfilial piety, the greatest is to have no offspring. At this stage, our thinking has not yet evolved to the level of being a DINK family, so, for your future happy life, drink less or not drink at all!

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  Does drinking beer affect sperm quality? Drinking alcohol is very common for male friends, but do you know that drinking alcohol is very harmful to the body. Perhaps the sentence that everyone hears the most is that drinking alcohol hurts the body. As everyone knows, drinking alcohol can also affect the quality of sperm, and in severe cases, it can even lead to infertility.

  Does drinking beer affect sperm quality? Everyone knows that fertility requires a man’s sperm to meet and combine with a woman’s egg. During this process, the sperm needs to release acrosin to dissolve the outer membrane of the egg. Excessive levels of estrogen in a man’s body can cause the sperm to release the acrosome enzyme in advance before it meets the egg, but it cannot release this enzyme to destroy the outer membrane of the egg when it is really needed. Does drinking beer affect sperm quality? Alcoholism can lead to gonadal failure, hormone secretion inhibition, testicular atrophy, clinical manifestations of few or no sperm, normal men drink a lot (more than 3 bottles of beer; 5 taels of liquor) for 5 days, the blood testosterone value decreases, so male fertility It is not advisable to drink a lot of alcohol.

  Alcohol is the most common killer of male sexual and fertility. Excessive drinking can reduce the level of androgen by poisoning reproductive organs such as the testicles; it can also cause abnormal liver function, reduce the inactivation effect on estrogen, and thus lead to the accumulation of estrogen, thereby relatively weakening the effect of androgen, making men ” It’s hard to be a hero.” Alcoholism can reduce a man’s sexual performance and damage his sperm.

  According to data, in the month before the wife became pregnant, if the husband drank 30 ml of alcohol per day, or drank more than 50 ml of alcohol 10 times in a month, or drank more than 125 ml once in a month, the wife The weight of newborn babies is about half a catty lighter than normal, and low-birth-weight babies may have weak resistance, developmental delay, and mental retardation.