The more sperm the better, too much or cause infertility

 Although it sounds ridiculous to say that too much sperm leads to infertility, experts say it is true. According to the expert’s recollection, he met such a patient: A certain man went to the hospital where the expert was located to check his infertility problem. After many checks, he found that there were too many sperm. How many? What appears in the microscope is densely packed sperm, which are chasing after each other. Experts estimated that the man’s sperm would not be less than 200 million per milliliter.

  Experts point out that the sperm density of normal men is 60 million to 150 million per milliliter. Generally, if it is less than 20 million cells/ml, it can be regarded as oligospermia, and the number of this man is far beyond the normal requirements. And this is the root cause of the man’s infertility!

  Too much sperm can cause infertility has become a fact

  Experts pointed out that although there is no accurate statement on why too many sperms will cause infertility, it is a recognized fact that too many sperms will cause infertility. Why does too much sperm lead to infertility? Experts made the following guesses:

  1. Due to gonadal inflammation, the secretion is reduced, so the density of sperm is high. In this sense, too much sperm is just “concentration” of semen.

  2. Sperm activity is hindered due to dense sperm, just like a street with too many people who cannot walk fast, but this argument is still inconclusive.

  3. Too much sperm may be related to a person’s endocrine. It may be that the hormone level is too high, which makes the spermatogenic cells overactive and promotes excessive sperm density. But it is also easy to cause endocrine disorders and affect the normal activities of sperm.

  Experts remind everyone that due to the unknown cause of excessive sperm, it is very difficult to treat. It is recommended that if you feel abnormal semen, it is best to have an examination as soon as possible. In addition, it is best to drink plenty of water in your daily life, adjust endocrine, and make the secretion of semen reach a balance, which can play a certain role.