Why do sperm abnormalities lead to infertility

What are the causes of abnormal spermatic infertility?

  1. The male genitourinary system has been infected. Diseases such as epididymitis and prostatitis or seminal vesiculitis, or tuberculosis of the epididymis and vas deferens can cause obstruction of the vas deferens, and the common one is the junction of the epididymis and the vas deferens.

  2. Congenital obstruction. Congenital hypoplasia of the epididymis and congenital hypoplasia of the vas deferens, or the absence of it. Congenital vas deferens atresia and congenital ejaculatory duct obstruction, etc., may cause congenital spermatic tract obstruction.

  3. The male body has been damaged. For example, hernia repair, varicocele and spermatic tumor surgery, etc., will damage the male vas deferens, resulting in blockage. Both epididymis seminal cyst and hydrocele surgery can damage the epididymis. Prostate surgery can result in occlusion of the ejaculatory ducts.

  4. Congenital abnormalities of reproductive organs. For example, congenital hypoplasia of the vas deferens, congenital abnormality of the urethra, etc., which is also the only reason for abnormal spermatic infertility that is caused by congenital reasons.

  5. Reproductive organ diseases. Such as epididymal tumors, seminal vesicle cysts, epididymal cysts, etc.

  6. Traumatic urethral stricture. The most common is traumatic urethral stricture, which is also a common cause of abnormal spermatic infertility.

  7. Inflammation. Including general inflammation, such as epididymitis, vas deferens, seminal vesiculitis, urethritis, etc.; also includes specific inflammation, such as epididymis tuberculosis, vas deferens tuberculosis, seminal vesicle tuberculosis, etc., often with pain, burning, frequent urination and other symptoms

  Knowing these reasons, you must pay attention, otherwise it will lead to infertility, affect the next generation, and affect your sexual well-being.