Learning the Dafa of “Protecting Essence” will help you become a father soon

 Ralph of Florida State University? Dougherty’s research found that the sperm count of American men has fallen by almost a third over the past half century.

  In 1929, the median value of sperm was 90 million/ml, and in 1979, the median value was 60 million/ml, which means that half of the men had more sperm than this number, and half of the men had less than this number. Recently, Professor Doherty surveyed 132 male college students and found that 23% of them had less than 20 million sperm per ml.

  Vulnerable sperm From the perspective of sperm biology, sperm is the terminal product of the development of the male germ line. In the process of spermatogenesis, formation and deformation, due to the escape of cytoplasm, the DNA repair enzymes in the cytoplasm are lost, resulting in the loss of the function of the DNA damage and repair system.

  Therefore, it cannot repair more than 90% of the primary genetic material damage by itself like somatic cells and egg cells. Among all kinds of cells in the human body, only sperm have such characteristics. In addition, sperm are more sensitive to toxic substances than other kinds of cells.

  Sperm cells are always in a state of rapid division, and men will continuously produce sperm from the middle and late embryos to old age. In the process of rapid spermatogenesis, the harmful effects of various harmful factors increase significantly after accumulation and accumulation.

  With the in-depth research and understanding of genes in recent years, people have become more clear that, compared with the X chromosome, the genes carried by the Y chromosome are more prone to mutations.

Pre-pregnancy husband “protect essence” four principles:

  1. Maintain proper exercise Exercise can not only maintain healthy physical strength, but also an effective way to reduce stress. Men with a lot of pressure can consider exercising for 30-45 minutes a day. It should be noted that exercise should be based on not causing fatigue, and loose clothes should be worn to help dissipate heat.

  2. Regular physical examination and vaccination Men’s immunity is not as reliable as that of women . Regular physical examination can not only prevent many diseases , but vaccination can prevent some infectious diseases, especially infectious diseases that may affect reproductive health.

  3. Learn to clean yourself. Men should develop good hygiene habits, because private parts are sometimes easier to hide dirt. The foreskin and scrotum should be cleaned every day; the following activities that last for more than two hours should be avoided, such as wearing tight and poorly breathable pants, taking a hot bath, taking a sauna, riding a bicycle, driving, sitting on a sofa, etc.

  4. Men should exercise before pregnancy so as not to cause fatigue. They should wear loose clothes to help dissipate heat.