Infertility caused by couples having sex in the same room

Infertility induced by refraining from ejaculation during sex life

  After three years of marriage, 31-year-old Mr. Zhang and Mrs. Zhang have not been pregnant or had children. I went to the hospital for multiple examinations and was diagnosed as azoospermia . By chance, the doctor discovered that Mr. Zhang was not without sperm , but that his sperm “diverted” to the bladder and were excreted in urine every time. The reason why the sperm “diverted and went retrograde” was actually because Mr. Zhang had “suppressed his sperm” for a long time.

  Experts say that sexual life without ejaculation can easily lead to retrograde ejaculation , which can induce infertility problems.

  Retrograde ejaculation is relatively rare, and collecting sperm from the patient’s urine for artificial insemination can help improve the infertility problems caused by it.

  Sperm can only live in an alkaline environment, and human urine is acidic, so the sperm activity in urine is very poor, and it is difficult to conceive a healthy baby with sperm with poor activity . Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the situation of forbearance and non-ejaculation in sexual life, and comprehensively treat infertility problems.


  ”Suppressing semen” is a very unhealthy habit, and in fact, you can’t hold it back, so it’s better to let nature take its course. The incidence of retrograde ejaculation is very low, but once it occurs, it will lead to infertility and bring pain to the family.