Can people with weak sperm have babies?

The quality and quantity of sperm are closely related to many diseases , and asthenospermia isone of the causes of male infertility So how can you give birth if you suffer from asthenospermia? It is the common wish of all infertile male patients to improve the vitality of male sperm and have a baby of their own.

  Asthenozoospermia actually refers to low sperm motility. Under normal circumstances, a certain proportion of sperm should go straight ahead, with the ability to move forward quickly (this ability is acquired when passing the epididymis). If this ability is lacking, it may lead to male infertility. The probability of this kind of infertility is often directly proportional to the quality of sperm motility.

  Under normal circumstances, after the sperm matures, it needs the action of various active substances secreted by the accessory glands, and the sperm further obtains energy to maintain its ability to continue to move forward vigorously. Chief Physician Wang Zhongmin pointed out that if the epididymis and other organs and appendicoid glands have infectious diseases, immune diseases, diseases in the function and development of the testis itself, etc., it is enough to weaken or lose the ability of sperm to move forward.

Although there is a recapabilization process after   the sperm enters the female reproductive tract, it is in preparation for the sperm to penetrate the egg. We know that sperm need to pass through the mucous duct of the cervix before reaching the ampulla of the fallopian To complete this long “journey”, the sperm must have motivation and a “gas station”, otherwise, it is impossible to fertilize the egg. From this point of view, the vitality of sperm is very important for male fertility.

  Determining asthenospermia is easy. At present, most of the hospital inspections in China are tested according to international standards. The sperm motility test results have clear boundaries, and the motility grades are determined by four standards: A, B, C, and D. If the proportion of grade A sperm is less than 25%, it is abnormal. In addition, there is a five-level classification method: level 0 means that the sperm cannot move; level 1 means that the sperm has poor motility and only wriggles in place; level 2 means that the sperm has normal motility and only moves forward; level 3 means that the sperm is very mobile , moving forward in a straight line; grade 4 indicates that the sperm activity is excellent and moves forward in a fast straight line. However, the former detection method is mostly used at present.

  The proportion of A-grade sperm often determines the strength of male fertility. If there are no related problems affecting fertility in other aspects, asthenospermia is asthenospermia as long as there are less than a quarter of the sperm moving rapidly in a straight line. Some people think that as long as the overall survival rate is enough, it is possible to have children, but in fact it is not possible. For example, if there are only one-tenth of the sperm moving in a straight line and fast, no matter how many B-grade and C-grade sperm are, they cannot replace the fertilization function of the fast moving sperm in a straight line, and it is impossible to complete the mission of combining sperm and eggs.

  What needs to be explained is that relatively mild asthenospermia can sometimes make the wife pregnant. However, this kind of pregnancy is prone to embryo stop development, miscarriage, and premature delivery, which is of course not conducive to prenatal and postnatal care . Chief Physician Wang Zhongmin pointed out that once asthenospermia occurs, the cause should be checked in time and effective treatment should be carried out according to the cause. If the low sperm motility is caused by low testicular function, environmental pollution, bad living habits and other factors, you can take traditional Chinese medicine treatment. is curable. The treatment of Zhujingbao Capsules is mainly to promote the change of the membrane structure of pathological sperm so that it can reach a mature state as soon as possible. At the same time, it can increase the activity of sperm enzyme LDHX, promote DNA synthesis, and then improve the energy metabolism of sperm and promote the vitality of sperm.

  Reasons why semen can’t come out: Why can’t semen come out during sexual intercourse? Ejaculation is the process of ejaculation of semen from the urethra at the end of sexual intercourse. Normal intercourse ends with ejaculation, after which the penis begins to weaken. However, occasionally sexual intercourse cannot end with ejaculation, and there is no orgasm without ejaculation. Most of the reasons for non-ejaculation are caused by mental factors.