Can Cell Phone Radiation Cause Infertility?

In recent years, the number of infertile male patients has gradually increased. One aspect is high stress, and bad living habits are also one aspect that leads to male infertility. Recently, it has been found that some men like to put their mobile phones in their trouser pockets, which will make them closer to their reproductive organs. Recently, experts pointed out that if you put your mobile phone in your trouser pocket for a long time, its radiation will also cause male infertility.

Experts pointed out that the sperm count of men who often carry and use mobile phones will be relatively reduced, especially when the mobile phone is often hung on the waist or abdomen of the human body, the impact is the most serious, because the electromagnetic waves generated by the mobile phone when sending and receiving signals can radiate into the human body The sperm of the user will also be seriously affected.

In fact, in daily life, not only the radiation from mobile phones can cause male infertility, but also the electromagnetic radiation from other household appliances or large electrical equipment will threaten male fertility, such as: TV, induction cooker, microwave oven, office computer, mobile phone, etc. Especially men should pay attention to stay away from electromagnetic radiation. This is because male chromosomes are relatively fragile, and it is easier to cause changes in the immune system , and male germ cells and sperm are more sensitive to electromagnetic radiation , so men should reduce the chance of contact with electromagnetic waves. If you want to contact these devices, it is best to keep a distance of more than half a meter.

Experts pointed out that men’s mobile phones should be avoided as much as possible on the waist and abdomen, otherwise it will cause serious harm to sperm. When in the office, at home or in the car, it is best to place the mobile phone away from yourself. When going out, you should also pay attention to placing your mobile phone away from your body. In addition, using earphones can reduce certain mobile phone radiation.