There are five signs of premature ejaculation in men

Premature ejaculation is the most common ejaculatory dysfunction, and the incidence rate accounts for more than 1/3 of adult men. So what are the signs of premature ejaculation in men?

Symptoms of premature ejaculation in men

1. Premature ejaculation ;

2. Uncontrollable ejaculation;

3. The phenomenon that both men and women have ejaculated before reaching orgasm;

4. Premature ejaculation is diagnosed clinically when the penis is erect and ejaculate without entering the vagina;

5. For those who can enter the vagina for sexual intercourse, if they ejaculate quickly without moving a few times, it is also defined as premature ejaculation.

  How to prevent premature ejaculation in men?

1. Increase the exchange of ideas and feelings between husband and wife, eliminate barriers and misunderstandings, forgive the husband’s premature ejaculation and take the initiative to divide labor and treat it, which will help overcome bad psychology .

2. If the man suffers from premature ejaculation, the woman should be considerate and don’t say some stimulating words to increase the man’s psychological pressure. This is also very important for how to avoid premature ejaculation.

3. Adjust your emotions and eliminate the tension, inferiority and fear caused by worrying that the woman will become pregnant, or worrying about your own sexual organs being too small or not having enough sexual ability . Be relaxed when you are married.

4. To quit the habit of masturbation , so as not to have sex before marriage.

5. Do enough caressing and kissing before the intercourse, so that the woman can progress to the agitation period or even the plateau period, and it is easier to meet the woman’s sexual requirements.

6. Change the time of intercourse. People generally arrange sex life at night, but if you change it to wake up, the body fatigue has been relieved, the energy is booming , and then chew a piece of gum to flirt, I believe the quality of intercourse will be improved.

7. Don’t indulge in lust, don’t have intercourse after fatigue, and don’t force coitus.

8. Reduce the magnitude and speed of penis twitching, reduce the sexual stimulation to the penis, and at the same time, the woman is willing to cater to the posture and reach the sexual peak as soon as possible , in order to satisfy both.

9. Admit the upper female sexual intercourse method for a period of time after confirming the behavioral treatment, so as to relieve the husband’s palpitations and increase the adaptability to vaginal stimulation.