What are the factors that cause male inability to ejaculate?

Experts point out that weak ejaculation is mainly manifested by the man’s inability to quickly and powerfully inject semen into the vagina, and most of the semen flows out weakly and slowly from the urethral opening. Although sexual medicine does not list weak ejaculation as a disease . However, some people with weak ejaculation are often accompanied by a decline or disappearance of pleasure, which will affect the couple’s fertility. So, what are the causes of weak ejaculation in men ? Is there a cure?

 Two factors lead to weak ejaculation in men

  1. Physiological factors: Too frequent ejaculation, when ejaculating multiple times in a short period of time, will cause the central nervous system “tired” and unable to send accurate ejaculation signals, resulting in weak ejaculation.

  2. Pathological factors: Experts point out that male ejaculation weakness caused by pathological factors is common, such as prostatitis , seminal vesiculitis, orchitis, epididymitis, etc. There are many sexual nerves in these parts, and once inflammation occurs, it will seriously affect sexual function. Stimulates the transmission of signals, resulting in weak ejaculation. Followed by central nervous system lesions. These diseases can cause the brain and spinal cord to fail to send out ejaculation signals accurately, and can also lead to weak ejaculation.

Teach you two ways to improve male ejaculation weakness

  1. Interrupt urination exercise method: Since the lower part of the urethra and the ejaculation channel are shared by men, some muscle activities during urination and ejaculation have the same place, such as: contraction and relaxation of the external urethral sphincter, striated muscles of the perineum and anus. Sphincter contraction, etc. Therefore, exercising the above-mentioned muscles by interrupting urination and increasing their muscle tone can improve ejaculation.

  The method is: every time you urinate halfway, stop urinating, wait a while and then urinate again, and practice repeatedly in this way. After a period of practice, the ejaculation intensity of some patients can be improved and enhanced.

  2. Adjustment by taking traditional Chinese medicine: You can choose some traditional Chinese medicine that can regulate the function of the sexual system and sexual organs for adjustment. It should be pointed out that the regulation of traditional Chinese medicine is only effective for some patients. Hope to find a better treatment in the future.

 How to conduct sexual intercourse scientifically?

  1. Adjust the frequency of intercourse, take proper rest, and avoid excessive frequency of intercourse.

  2. Pay attention to the quality of intercourse and master the skills of intercourse. When ejaculation is approaching, the amplitude and frequency of the penis pumping action should be accelerated to improve the quality of sexual life in the same room.

  3. When you share a room, you should concentrate your mind and concentrate on it, and don’t use it for two purposes.

  4. Get rid of all kinds of bad psychological factors. Before going to bed, you should “pack lightly” and don’t sleep with your thoughts.